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In September 2007, translated Microsoft TFS Products Guide

In June 2007, provided technical support and make videos for TT-ART.COM

In May 2007, translated Canon Printer manuals

In April 2007, provided website translation for Primeton

In March 2007, provided translation service for GreatSea, and provided localization service for Beyondsoft

In January 2007, translated Microsoft Architecture Journal

In December 2006, provided translation service for Itgoldbridge

In October 2006, provided translation and localization service for Xlsoft

In September 2006, localization of Sun JES

In August 2006, localization of Java API 6.0

In July 2006, translated Sybase products description

In May 2006, translated Bible series books for People’s Posts & Telecom Press

In March 2006, localization of IBM ecatalog webs

In February 2006, became localization supplier for Sun

In January 2006, compiled Notes of Station Master series books for Publishing House of Electronics Industry

In October 2005, became translation supplier for BEA

In July 2005, localization of Java API 5.0

In March 2005, translated MSDN Magazine

In January 2005, provided translation service for Geong

In August 2004, translated CA products description

In June 2004, translated Motorola products description

In March 2004, provided Website translation of IBM software products

In February 2004, translated contents of Sun Developer Community

In November 2003, provided translation service for Ogilvy, and began to translate BEA Dev2Dev Developer website

In October 2003, established Beijing Yingyu Century Information Co., Ltd.

In June 2003, translated IBM develop Works website

In March 2003, provided translation for

In January 2003, developed DRM encryption software

In August 2002, provide website construction for Beijing Kehai Electronics Press

In February 2002, established Yingyu Work Studio, and translated computer books for People's Posts & Telecom Press

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