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IBM developWorks Website

The website adopts standard XML documents, so we are familiar with the processing flow of XML document translation.

IBM ecatalog website

The website adopts standard HTML documents. We use TRADOS to ensure the consistency of the website translation.

BEA Dev2Dev Website

Website content localization process including familiar with the structure of websites, and do papers selection, pre-process, translation, proofreading, QA, and on-line inspection etc.

Sun Developer Network Website

The website adopts standard HTML documents. We use standard templates to do translation and web page produce.

Java API Localization Project

A large scale localization project of Java products documents, megaword Chinese localization should be finish in short time. It's a test of ability involving project management, workflow setting, quality monitoring, software technology and project localization.

Books Translation Project

It's a long-term project of our company, in order to suit for periodic translation business.

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