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Software Localization combines both linguistic and technical knowledge

Extensive experience in software development, IT management and website creation allows the Yingyu Century team to understand your product more in-depth and apply that knowledge to the translation.

Yingyu Century utilizes the quality of experienced native translation resources together with the latest localization tools to deliver high-quality translations at a low cost. The best combinations of translators, project managers, translation tools and resources are at your disposal with Yingyu Century, to ensure that the localized product is as rich and understandable as the original.

  • Web Applications

OS independent applications using web technology, these include various software products.

  • Win32 Applications

Applications written for Microsoft OS, associated with DLL and RC file translation.

  • Client Server Applications

Programs with interaction between a client computer and a server.

  • Database Applications

Applications that store all pertinent information within a database.

  • Enterprise Applications

Applications that are used across a large corporation with many users.

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