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Digital Rights Management (DRM) Solutions

To protect your courseware against illegal dissemination!
To protect your CD against arbitrary piracy!
To protect your online audio and video files against arbitrary dissemination after downloading!
To guarantee intellectual property rights of your music CD archives not to be ignored!
To guarantee your audio and video files can be fully authorized to use!
To guarantee your live broadcast information will not be watch illegally!

1.Trial download of Package Encryption Program (Encryption End) (Trial Version 4.0), Encryption End has powerful package functions including batch package encryption, custom encryption, filename binding, database number binding, etc.

 In Official Version, encryption end provides not only a graphical interface encryption program, but also provides command line or COM interface mode encryption program (Click to see details), so that users can call out our package program by programming, and also can implement distinguished functions, such as regular encryption, unmanned encryption, dynamic encryption, etc. (Characteristics)

2.License Management Program (server authentication end) installed on the client server, and certificates grant by server of providers.

3.Provider can have different standards of fees and permit rights on various video products. Play rights of different users can control freely by database (characteristics)

4.Having part of the open source code of charge models and business logical, users can do secondary development, they can use flexible charge modes including Pay Monthly, Points Card, Member system, etc. (characteristics)

5.Support SQLServer, Access, Oracle, Mysql, Sybase, etc. database (arbitrary database interface, support remote database)

6.Support the silent and non-silent license transmission (characteristics)

7.Provide secret key, public key, a few seeds to create program, clients can always change their secret keys (characteristics)

8.Custom authentication server’s URL, do not restrict domain names and IP addresses, users can always change the domain name or IP address. URL can be used in public networks or in LAN (characteristics)

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