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Three-Part-Separated Screen Courseware Packer Remote Education Version (V1.6)

Introduction:Currently Three-Part-Separated Screen Courseware is a more popular courseware form in remote education field. It includes three separate parts including audio, video and ppt that play synchronously in a lively way. However, the disadvantage is that it produces too many files, including images, ppt, html, audio and video files, thus it's difficult for businessmen to distribute the courseware, and it also goes against copyrights protection. Using Three-Part-Separated Screen Courseware Packer, the Three-Part-Separated Screen Courseware can be packed into one single file that plays automatically. It becomes easy to distribute. At the same time, the words, images and slide contents in the packed package can not be copied and saved in another location.
This software also allows you to pack HTML pages, related images and multimedia files in one file that you can browse at a time. Therefore it can be used to establish and release a publication based on HTML, and also support multiple languages.


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